What they say

“Our primary passion is to handle all our vegetables with respect, in order to create the finest possible quality in everything we touch. We are actively trying to reduce food waste and ferment leftovers from the prepping process. We prefer to buy organic produce and cover much of our needs from organic grocer Aarstiderne. We only use sustainably caught fish. We grow some of our greens on site. We do our best to bring feeling and meaning into everything we do.”

Signature Dishes

Crispy polenta with homemade cottage cheese and fresh cress.

What we say

Gemyse is a new and comfortable restaurant that focuses mainly on plant-based food, but also offers a few meat and fish dishes. The latter is probably because the restaurant is owned by Copenhagen’s magical Tivoli amusement park, which wishes to have a broad palette. Up until now, you would not expect them to turn one of their popular classic French-inspired fine dining restaurants into a relaxed green profile. But it seems to work fine, the wait staff are relaxed and the food precise, thanks to head chef Mette Dahlgaard, who used to work at the popular Geist restaurant before joining Gemyse. Go for the dazzling surroundings alone – and stay for the exceptional cuisine.


Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with respect for produce


Mette Dahlgaard, head chef


Hours change seasonally


Bernstorffsgade 5, 1577 Copenhagen


+45 8870 0000



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